3 Eggnog Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind Hole


Eggnog is a bit of a divisive holiday treat. Some people just don’t want to mess with raw eggs – even if those eggs are “sanitized” with rum or bourbon as some eggnog recipes call for. Other people can crush eggnog by the carton. Still others are happy to find their cheer with copious shots of booze in a glass of holiday delight.

If you are not familiar with this traditional Christmas drink, there are a few things you should know. First off, there are only a few ingredients you’ll need before you begin, specifically measuring cups, a wooden spoon, a blender, and a big metal bowl. Speaking of simple, there is a surprisingly short list of ingredients that make it easy to get things started: eggs, sugar, milk, and heavy cream. Last, there are so many things that can be added to give an eggnog recipe your own personal touch.

Spice Up Your Nog

Most people will want to enjoy your nog because of its creamy deliciousness (and, well, the booze). That said, why not make things interesting with a bit of spice? Kicking your nog game up a notch is easy to do with spices like cloves and vanilla, in addition to the standard nutmeg. Adding these elements will guarantee your guests have a new and exciting experience.

This clove eggnog recipe starts with combining and heating milk, cloves, vanilla and cinnamon in a saucepan over low heat for five minutes. In another large bowl, egg yolks and sugar are whisked together until fluffy. The hot liquid is poured slowly into the egg mixture, then cooked for three more minutes before the cloves are strained. This mixture cools for an hour before rum, cream, nutmeg and more vanilla are added and the entire mixture is refrigerated overnight.

Spike Up Your Nog

Rum or bourbon are the traditional alcohols to pair with eggnog. Heck, some people even like to pour their booze of choice straight into their store bought nog. While these two liquors make things simple, there are quite a few ways you can make a wowza serving of nog featuring booze. Rum Flip Eggnog, for instance, features OFTD Overproof Rum, demerara syrup, and cold brew coffee. Ingredients are whumped together in a cocktail shaker, then garnished with nutmeg, and cinnamon. What a treat!

Miracle on Spring Street Eggnog features Ancho Reyes Verde and Amontillado Sherry, as well as a simple syrup and dairy ingredients. Matcha powder, along with cinnamon and nutmeg, garnish this sweet and straight-forward nog delight. You can get much more complicated if you choose. Captain Burrows Eggnog with Rye Whiskey improves upon your standard ingredients by adding Maine maple syrup, Stroudwater Rye whiskey, Maine Craft Distilling Ration Rum and PX Sherry. Oh, and an ounce of creme de cacao really gives this recipe a nutty, chocolaty tone.

Fruit Up Your Nog

Have you ever thought of adding fruit flavors to your eggnog experience? This could be the year! Peach Bourbon Eggnog combines IZZE sparkling peach juice to your standard eggnog for a refreshing spin on the holiday classic. Sparkling Apple Nog improves on IZZE Sparkling Apple juice and eggnog by adding brandy and an eye-popping portion of whipped cream.

If you want to make the most of that creamy eggnog base, you may want to try just a couple more eggnog styles. Spiked Gingerbread Eggnog adds cinnamon, ground ginger, allspice, and ground cloves to make an authentically gingerbread-like drinkable holiday treat. But what about your vegan friends? Chai Vegan Eggnog comes to the rescue. Rebel Kitchen Coconut Chai Mylks combines with some familiar ingredients, as well as a ripe banana, for a creamy and unique conclusion.

As you can see, there is a hefty variety of ways the traditional eggnog recipe can be tweaked. Whether you take it spicy, boozy, or fruity, there are so many ways to bring creamy excitement to your holiday. So next time you are asked to bring eggnog to a holiday gathering, consider wowing the party with one of these fantastic recipes. Your friends and family are guaranteed to be impressed.

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