Fishy Foods To Serve At Christmas Instead Turkey And Ham


The holidays are upon us and they have everyone thinking about food. And not just sweets either. We’re talking glorious meats! Turkey and ham are classic centerpieces we have all had more times than we can count. And for good reason; they’re delicious. But they are not the only main meat dishes you could have for Christmas dinner.

Fish has the potential to be a low-key home run hit at your next Christmas dinner. While many people have probably never had the pleasure of considering fish as a main course at a holiday dinner, it’s only for a lack of experience. There are plenty of ways a fish dish can be whipped up to an impressive degree. Even better than the exquisite manners they can be prepared, seafood like salmon, shrimp, anchovies and oysters have numerous potential health benefits.

Awesome Fish Holiday Recipes

It should come as no surprise that salmon is one of the most popular fishes served as a holiday course. The pink meat has a naturally smoky flavor that melds well with any number of spices and seasonings. One colorful recipe uses pomegranate seeds and citrus to complement salmon in what is called Orange Pomegranate Salmon. If you want to go the herb and spice route there are dishes such as Slow-Roasted Salmon with Fennel and Chiles. Then of course if you are thinking about a quick appetizer, you can whip up a dish like salmon party spread to pair with your favorite crackers or toasted bread.

Everyone loves a good friend shrimp now and again, but the holidays are an opportunity to dress those crustaceans up a bit. Linguine, sauteed vegetables and a top of parmesan cheese are the perfect conduits for shrimp to shine. If you tend to crave creamy seafood textures, then Pasta with Shrimp in Tomato Cream may be your ideal. This eye-catching dish includes fusilli pasta, heavy cream and a half cup of dry vermouth to make your tastebuds sing. Then there is the classic shrimp scampi, which passes the holiday eye test but is a comparatively easy dish to prepare.

Astaxanthin and Other Seafood Benefits

No question about it, seafood dishes have the potential to be a healthier alternative to your classic ham and turkey dishes. Most people have heard that certain seafoods like salmon contain omega 3 fatty acids, an incredibly important nutrient for healthy brain function. But did you know that’s not all salmon has to offer? Some seafoods contain a compound known as astaxanthin that supports various systems in the body.

Astaxanthin has been linked to a number of positive effects in the body. The chemical has been shown to be an effective antioxidant with the potential to support healthy blood flow. Astaxanthin may also promote healthy skin, especially with topical doses, by helping keep skin well-moisturized. The chemical was shown to boost the use of fatty acids in animals studies, promote it may be good to use for exercise. What also benefits exercise is the ability of astaxanthin to support heart health and support joint comfort.

Nordic Naturals for Cognitive Support

You probably already know this, but you don’t have to have a fancy fish dinner to get your astaxanthin and omega 3 fatty acids. There are lots of great fish product supplements out there, and Nordic Naturals provides some of the best on the market. The incredible quality of Nordic Naturals products led them to receiving the 2013 NutrAward.

One of the highest rated supplements from Nordic Naturals is Ultimate Omega 2x, which contains EPA, DHA and other omega 3 oils to support healthy cognitive function. Customers enjoy Ultimate Omega 2x because of its lemon flavor which helps the tablet go down easy. The supplement is also designed in true triglyceride form which helps with optimal absorption.

People go to fish for a wide range of uses. Some people simply enjoy the taste, while others can attest to the positive effects fish oils have had on their cognitive function. The holidays aren’t the only time of year your body could use some extra support. Fish oils are good for you year round!

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