Use These Teas and Exotic Fruit To Help You Reach Your Athletic Goals


A challenge that athletes face is finding resources that are the right match for their body. It takes more than putting early morning hours at the gym before clocking in at work. Without a doubt, eating healthy foods and avoiding unhealthy foods and habits go a long way. But any seasoned athlete will tell you there are other tricks to keeping their body at peak performance. Sometimes this involves time-tested supplements or even common substances such as caffeine.

It has been known for years that caffeine has the potential to help a training athlete. While too much coffee isn’t good for anyone, a proper portion of coffee or other caffeinated beverage can give an athlete a welcome boost. Another substance a person hoping to stay fit may want to try is triphala. Triphala has been around for literally centuries and been shown to provide a wide range of potential health benefits.

The Three Fruits Of Triphala

As the prefix implies, triphala refers to three different ingredients that make up the substance. In this case, the three parts are fruits haritaki, amalaki, and bibhitaki. Used in Ayurvedic practices for centuries, triphala is believed to offer a “path of essence” for those who take it. It is thought to have the potential to be an organizational force in how cells create important constructs in the body such as skin and bones.

The fruit haritaki is sometimes referred to as the “king of medicine” in Southern Asia and India. Haritaki is known to help maintain cholesterol levels and support the cardiovascular system. The fruit supports heart health by promoting the movement of red blood cells in healthy arteries and vessels. Bibhitaki is referred to as “one who keeps you away from the disease.” Additionally, the fruit promotes healthy eyesight as well as supporting the digestive system, which includes a healthy gastrointestinal tract and abdominal comfort.

Lastly, the fruit Amalaki is meant to associate with motherliness, caregiving and graceful aging. Amalaki supports the digestive system and healthy waste management just like haritaki, but the fruit additionally supports liver, spleen, and respiratory function. When taken together as triphala, it has been used to support a healthy immune response in a manner that keeps the three doshas of ayurvedic medicine in balance.

Mountain Rose Herbs For The Training Athlete

While supplements such as triphala can provide a wide base of health, sometimes we ache for a boost of extra energy from a healthful source. Thankfully Mountain Rose Herbs provides coffees and teas that are perfect for this. For 27 years the company has been matching exceptional organic products with ethical business practices to serve their customers.

Several products from the Mountain Rose Herbs catalogue provide an attractive source of energy for an active body. If you enjoy the classic, spicy flavor profile of chai tea, Mountain Rose Herbs has you covered. Whether it is their Classic Chai Tea or Organic Firefly Tea, their recipes balance the flavorful, familiar and exotic extremely well. If you really want to try something uniquely delicious, Turmeric Chai is waiting for you!

The spicy flavor profile of chai tea isn’t for everyone, however. If you are instead in the green tea camp, Organic Matcha might be what you need. This product contains just enough caffeine to both invigorate and calm you on a quiet morning. The Blues Tea combines organic tea leaves with mood boosters such as nettle leaf and St. John’s Wort for your cognitive health. If it’s your tummy that ails you, Happy Tummy contains organic spearmint, lemongrass, rosemary and more to get you back to feeling chipper.

Whether you are an athlete or just someone who knows their body deserves its best chance at staying healthy, triphala has the potential to support a wide range of body systems. If caffeine works for you, look no further than Mountain Rose Herbs for your organic tea needs. With a varied product list there is always something new to try. Take advantage of their quality and experience their soothing effects today.

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