How to Order a Cheesecake Factory Gluten Free Dessert


It probably sounds weird when we use the word gluten-free with something like a dessert. However, as it was just a theory back in the days, there were several studies and tests deployed to make it happen, and now it has been quite a time since Cheesecake Factory’s gluten free desserts have come to reality.

This article will guide you all about cheesecake factory gluten free dessert and the reviews to give you an overview of what the experience is like (we wish we had food puns for this article).

Cheesecake Factory Menu

The surprising thing about the Cheesecake Factory’s menu is if you try to find the gluten-free menu online, or as a separate thing, you probably won’t. This is because they don’t offer a dedicated menu, and the gluten-free items, including desserts, are all listed on the same menu.

On top of most of the items, there is a small sign indicating that the item can be provided in the gluten-free form if asked for, so don’t simply assume that it will be gluten-free and rather mention your request explicitly.

Are Cheesecake Factory Desserts Really Gluten Free?

While restaurants may claim their food to be gluten-free, the claim doesn’t always have to be entirely true, especially when it comes to desserts.

There have been many tests done to confirm this; many people have used different tools to test it out like Nima sensors. These sensors are essentially a portable device that can confirm the presence of gluten.

However, as some people tested that out after ordering desserts from the Cheesecake Factory, they confirmed that the desserts served there are really that gluten-free as the company claims them to be.

Tips for Eating Gluten Free at The Cheesecake Factory

While it’s not very recommendable, but if you still want to enjoy the desserts, here are some tips for eating safely gluten-free desserts at the Cheesecake Factory.

Ask For Cheesecake From The Back

Always try to have your server serve you a cheesecake slice from the back, and not from the display center as it has less chance of housing gluten.

Always Test For Gluten

Never totally believe in the restaurant’s claims as proper testing may not have been done. For larger chains, this may be less of a problem. Just be aware that even if you ask for no gluten, it may still be present.

Ask for Gluten-Free Dish Explicitly

Rather than just assuming that you will be served a gluten-free dessert, always mention it in clear words to your server to remove any chance of confusion.

Convey Your Seriousness of Gluten Allergy

In order to get the required attention to get you the most out of a gluten-free dessert, always make sure that the server knows how important the absence of gluten Is for you, and you’re not just faking it.

Avoid Ordering In Rush Hours

Ordering during peak hours will reduce the probability of getting full attention to your Cheesecake Factory gluten free dessert, so avoid that to get the best perception of your order.Want to learn how to make a gluten free cheesecake? Check out this recipe.

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